PH/ORP Controller PH-950

PH-950 PH/ORP Controller

Product Feature:

  • Intelligent PH/ORP Controller
  • Three -point calibration function, automatic identification of calibration liquid and the error calibration.
  • High input impedance, programmable manual/ Auto temerature compensation, the adaptation of various types of PH/ORP electrode.
  • Big screen multi-parameter LCD display function.
  •  Isolation 4-20mA current output signal

Technical Specifications

RangepH : 0.00~14.00 pH
AccuracyPH : ±0.1 pH
Temp.Comp.pH:Reference to 25 ℃, manual temperature compensation
Oper. Temp.0~100℃
SensorPH : Dual composite pH electrode
ORP:ORP Electrode
Calibration modepH :4.00; 6.86; 9.18 Three-point calibration
Display3½ Bit LCD
Current outputisolation 4~20mA
Control outputON/OFF High/low limit relay
PowerAC 110/220V±10% 50/60Hz
Working environmentAmbient temperature:0~50℃ Relative humidity:≤85%
Hole size74×43mm(H×W)
Installation modePanel mounted(embedded)