Filter Pipette Tips

Biovoltex  filter pipette tips are made from high clarity polystyrene (PS) available in 10μL, 200μL, 1000μL. It is designed perfectly for the transfer of liquid in lab. The tips are compatible to multiple brands of pipettes. Both filter tips and non-filter tips are available for choice. And choice of packing are bulk in bags and rack packs.

pipette tips

Product Features:

  • Made from high clarity polypropylene(PP)

  • Available in 10μL, 200μL, 1000μL

  • Filtere tips or non-filtere tips

  • Bag pack or rack pack

  • Sterilized by Gamma Irradiation, SAL level 10-6

  • DNase-free, RNase-free, Non-Pyrogenic

Pipette tips in bag pack

Product CodeVolume(μl)FilterColorPackageSterilePcs/PKPcs/Case
5523010_TransparentBag Pack_100020000
5623010+TransparentBag Pack_100010000
55250200_YellowBag Pack_100020000
56250200+YellowBag Pack_100010000
552701000_BlueBag Pack_10005000
562701000+BlueBag Pack_10005000

Pipette tips in rack pack

Product CodeVolume(μl)FilterColorPackageSterilePcs/PKPcs/Case
5723010_TransparentRack Pack+964800
5823010+TransparentRack Pack+964800
57250200_YellowRack Pack+964800
58230200+YellowRack Pack+964800
572701000_BlueRack Pack+962880
582701000+BlueRack Pack+962880