Glass Bottom Dish, Confocal Dish

Glass bottom dish also know as confocal dish is designed for high resolution imaging such as confocal microscopy,it features a clear borosilicate glass bottom. It is suitable for Cultivation and high resolution microscopy of cell cultures; Sensitive fluorescence analysis;Live cell imaging; Immunofluorescence microscopy with fixed samples

Glass bottom dish confocal dish

Product Feature:

  • Available with 2 different glass bottom sizes of 15mm or 20mm

  • Manufactured in a class 100,000 clean room

  • Borosilicate glass sickness: 0.16~0.19mm

  • Non-cytotoxic medical adhesive does not inhibit cell growth

  • Sterilized by Gamma radiation.SAL level 10-6

  •  RNase-free, DNase-free

  • Non-pyrogenic, Non-Toxic

Product CodeDish Dia.(mm)Glass Dia.(mm)SterilePackage PCS/BoxPCS/Case
400153515+Individual Wrap20200
400203520+Individual Wrap20200