Cell Culture Plate

Biovoltex cell culture plate are made from high clarity polystyrene (PS) available in 6 well, 12 well, 24 well and 96 well. The plates feature a flat bottom, slip proof ridges, alphanumeric well coding and single positioned lids to prevent cross contamination. The surface of the plate can be physically treated to be hydrophilic for adherent culture, you can also choose the non-treated plate for suspension culture.

cell culture plate

Product Feature:

  • Made from high clarity polystyrene.

  • Available in 6 well , 12 well, 24 well, 96 well

  • TC treated for adherent culture or non-treated for suspension culture

  • Easy gripping

  • Designed to be stackable

  • Sterilized by Gamma Irradiation, SAL level 10-6

  • DNase-free, RNase-free, Non-Pyrogenic

Product CodeWellBottomTC SterilePackagePCS/CASE
350066Flat++Individual Wrap50
3501212Flat++Individual Wrap50
3502424Flat++Individual Wrap50
3509696Flat++Individual Wrap100
351066Flat_+Individual Wrap50
3511212Flat_+Individual Wrap50
3512424Flat_+Individual Wrap50
3519696Flat_+Individual Wrap100