Cell Culture Flask

Biovoltex cell culture flasks are made from high clarity polystyrene (PS) available in T25, T75 and T175 with growth area of 25cm², 75cm²and 175cm². The surface of the flask can be physically treated to be hydrophilic for adherent culture, you can also choose the non-treated flask for suspension culture with the capacity of 50ml, 250ml and 600ml. Two caps of vent cap with filter and plug seal cap. The specially designed canted neck enables you to access into the flask with a serological pipette or cell scraper, they are also stackable.

Cell culture flask T25 T75 T175 25cm² 25cm² 75cm² 175cm²

Product Feature:

  • Made from high clarity polystyrene.

  • Vent cap or plug seal cap

  • Growth area of 25cm², 75cm²and 175cm²

  • TC treated for adherent culture or non-treated for suspension culture

  • Frosted writing area and graduation line on the side

  • Designed to be stackable

  • Sterilized by Gamma Irradiation, SAL level 10-6

  • DNase-free, RNase-free, Non-Pyrogenic

Product CodeVolume(mL)Working Area(cm²)CapSterileTC TreatmentPCS/BAGPCS/CASE
300255025Vent YY10200
3007525075Vent YY10200
30175600175Vent YY5100
320255025Vent YN10100
3207525075Vent YN1040
32175600175Vent YN540